Light Box Signage

LED lighting is increasingly recognised as the best option for commercial lighting both in Auckland and around the world.

Surveying the streets of Auckland, you will see various signs and light boxes that are associated with and advertise businesses on high streets and in business parks right across the city. Auckland’s commercial streets are a showcase of a wide array of styles of such light boxes, however a large proportion of these are let down by being poorly lit, non or only partially operational and in need of varying degrees of repair.

Northern Lights Lighting and Electrical understands the value of your signage or light box. We know how important it is to your business and recognise the impact it can have – the equivalent of having a permanent full time sales person always drawing customers’ attention to your place of work.

Whereas old, broken or faulty signage can have a negative impact on passing customers by providing or inferring associations with the quality of service that they may experience with your business, a fully working and repaired sign or light box has the opposite effect. It can be a valuable tool in catching the attention of new customers and providing advertising for your business. Our electricians can give your old light box a re-wire, get it functioning to full capacity again and getting that ‘full time salesman’ working to your benefit once more.

Northern Lights Lighting and Electrical can repair the electrical wiring previously used and replace any old fluorescent lighting with brand new, modern and long life fluorescent lighting – with up to 50,000 hours of lamp life. This means that you can get that ‘full time salesman’ working at full capacity for a very long time and you also ensure that your signage is as maintenance free as possible.

As new LED lighting becomes more readily available (and cheaper) our quality electricians are also able to investigate alternative methods with yourself in order to achieve the most optimal manner of sign lighting and in turn getting the most from your signage or light box.

So, with signage being your ‘face’ and an outward message to the world, isn’t it vital to get it working, working effectively and generating the interest and/or sales your business deserves?

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