Residential Auckland Electricians

We provide Residential Electrical Services 24/7. Our Auckland Electricians come to your home fully insured to resolve your electrical needs from Home Automation to Complete House Rewiring. 


The team at Northern Lights are registered Auckland electricians with more than 20 years of experience in the Auckland area. We are committed to providing honest, dependable, and qualified electrical contractors for your needs. We keep you informed every step of the way when carrying out electrical repairs and services. You can rely on us for efficient, friendly, and cost-effective work.

Electrical Repairs/Maintenance

Our Auckland electricians provide a diverse range of residential and domestic electrical services for your Auckland home

security alarm installations

Security Alarm Installers

Protect your assets at home with our best in class alarms installed by our expert Auckland electricians.

LED lighting installation

Residential LED Light Installers

Get our Auckland Electricians & Lighting Experts in to reduce your power bills and make your home more energy efficient.

Underfloor Heating

Heating up those cold floor tiles is a practical and cost effective way of improving your day to day quality of life.

House Rewiring

If it's time to rewire given the age of your home or for other reasons, you need to bring in our Master Auckland Electricians.

home theatre installers Auckland

Home Theatre Installations

Save time and get it right the first time by setting up a new home theatre with our Auckland Electricians.

Common Electrical FAQ’s for the Home:

Northern Lights belong to the New Zealand Trade Group, Master Electricians and Future Proof Building associations.

These associations hold regular conferences and training courses which we attend regularly to keep us up to date with all the latest technologies and products available today. 

Northern Lights understands how frustrating it can be to have completed your new renovation only to find that you have missed some new features that are available, but you were never informed about. At Northern Lights we like to offer customers ideas and future proof options at the start of their renovation.

This can help save time and money and your overall satisfaction with your new renovation.

Many house inspections are done but unbeknownst to the home owner the electrical has not been included in the inspection.

Older homes can have various electrical issues that may not be immediately obvious. These issues could end up costing a lot to repair and be potential dangerous.

Northern Lights can provide you with an electrical survey to check for any immediate issues to be made aware of.

One common issue in older homes is TRS and VIR cabling (see below) which is a known potential electrical hazard.

This can help you make an informed decision and save you thousands when purchasing your new home.

Vulcanized Indian Rubber (VIR) and Tough Rubber Sheathed (TRS) insulated cables were used to wire homes in up until the late 1950’s. The insulation was found to deteriorate very quickly and become a potential electrical hazard.

It has now been replaced by Tough Plastic Sheathed (TPS) insulated cables.

Many insurance companies will request an inspection of the electrical wiring before they will provide permanent insurance on older homes.

Once you get your home rewired you will get a Certificate Of Compliance (COC) from the electrician and an Independent Record Of Inspection (ROI).

These can be given to your insurance company as proof that the wiring is safe and compliant!

The time can vary a lot between homes but usually we can rewire your home in two days with the switchboard completed on the third day. Some factors that can add additional time to this are:

  • Two storey house
  • Limited access in the ceiling or under the house.
  • Existing drilled holes in the walls are small.
  • Adding new lighting and outlets.

In some cases, we can provide limited power to allow you to stay in the home while it is being rewired. However, it does add to the time it takes and it is recommended that you stay somewhere else while the rewiring is completed.

Yes, we are happy to install your new amazing pendant light for the living room that you have finally decided on. Please be aware however that all light fittings need to have a Declaration Of Conformity (DOC) statement, and our electricians need to see this before we can install it. This statement proves that the light is safe and legal to install in NZ. Many lights that are purchased from over seas may not have this so be aware.