House Rewiring and Electrical Plans

Northern Lights are able to design a full or partial re-wire for your existing home, or review and implement the electrical plans for your new home.

Failure to plan can ultimately lead to failure: by planning with Northern Lights ahead of time you are able to make the most optimal and informed electrical choices and ensure satisfaction throughout the entire process.


At Northern Lights Lighting and Electrical we realize that the variety of options available, as well as the costs involved for a re-wire, can be unnerving. We aim to alleviate those worries and stresses and a meeting with us will allow you to look at re-wiring your home in a way that suits you best.

Northern Lights Lighting and Electrical listen keenly to your needs and your wishes. Together we will discuss the available options with you in order to calculate a plan of action that you are happy with. Our electricians will also tailor your plan using their own knowledge and expertise in order to add value above and beyond the considerations you may have already made.

Of course, you may know what you need and how you need it, but if not – our electricians can design and plan with you, and within an available budget, in order to formulate a plan that works best for you.

Any questions that you may have can be answered prior to or during this consultancy. If you wish to be talked or walked through the re-wire requirements and process, our electricians will happily do so.


When building a new house there can be an overwhelming amount to deal with and plan. However, proper planning can ensure the smoothest possible journey to your end result.

As with re-wiring a current house, you will want to discuss your lighting and electrical options with a knowledgeable qualified expert. Together you can formulate a plan of action that best suits your needs, and fits your budget, most optimally.

Good planning can also mean any adjustments or alterations needed in the future can be considered now and implemented in the easiest and/or cheapest way when the time comes.

Need help with house rewiring or electrical plans?

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