LED lighting is increasingly recognised as the best option for commercial lighting both in Auckland and around the world.

Why Are LEDs Better?

An LED lighting installation for your business will bring you superior results in performance, functionality, and economy. Here’s why:

  • LED bulbs are very efficient, converting 80-90% of the electricity used directly into light. This creates significant efficiencies for your business, reducing your power-related overheads and your carbon emissions. You will also recover the cost of installation over time.
  • An LED lighting installation will last much longer than other options. Even compared to longer lasting traditional floodlight options such as halogen or metal halide lights, LEDs come out on top – a 20 watt LED can do the same job as an 80-watt halide or halogen bulb for a much longer time.
  • LED lights are safer because they don’t heat up like other bulbs, which can get hot enough to burn skin or even kindle fires.
  • LEDs look better – they spread light more evenly and over a wider area and the quality of light doesn’t change as they age.

LED Security and Area Lighting

As commercial electricians in Auckland, we always recommend LED as the best option for security lights and area floodlights. These lights will need to be reliable and have long lives. LEDs can last up to 10 years or more and are highly durable.

LED High Bay Lights

LEDs make an attractive, long-lasting and flexible solution for high bay lighting in warehouses.

Office Troffer Lighting

An LED lighting installation is perfect for any office, providing even and long-lasting light for your team.

Exit Signs

An exit sign is generally on 24 hours a day and is important in emergency situations. LED lighting ensures your exit signs are fully compliant, outlasting traditional, halogen and fluorescent emergency light fittings.

Auckland’s specialists in Commercial LED Lighting Installation

If you have any questions about how LED lighting could be beneficial to your business, then our helpful Auckland based team are only a phone call away. Get in touch either online or over the phone on 0800 177 275, and one of our knowledgeable professionals will answer any questions you may have.


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