Underfloor Heating


Heating up those cold floor tiles is a practical and cost effective way of improving your day to day quality of life. Good efficiency can help to reduce your bills and give you the benefit of a more consistently warm home.

Underfloor heating is an efficient cost effective method of heating your home which is steadily becoming much more affordable. It is a great alternative to more traditional heating methods such as radiators or hot air heating systems as it efficiently heats a room by working at a lower temperature and spreading the heat more evenly.

As underfloor heating systems are located at the base of a room, and the system distributed across the floor, heat will rise evenly to heat up the entire space, unlike a radiator which will quickly heat up the air immediately around it but may struggle to reach the other side of the room as the heat rises upwards and away. Standard radiators have to work harder, and at a higher temperature for the same effects to be felt.

Underfloor heating systems are hidden away from view, providing comfort without having to take up a large amount of space on your wall, allowing aesthetics to shine within your home. They are a great option for in bathrooms or kitchens as they work best with surfaces that are good thermal conductors such as stone or tile.

The systems that we use include a stylish touch screen programmable controller which includes options such as:


  • Choice of 7-day or 5/2-day programmable.
  • 4-time and 4-temperature settings per day.
  • Energy savings up to 30%.


  • Large 4.3-inch touch screen display.
  • Blue light display for easier low-light viewing.
  • Larger, easier to read character size.
  • Extra-large touch keys for easy operation.
  • Clean, uncluttered touch screen display provides easier navigation.

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