Home Ventilation Systems

Why install a smart home ventilation system?

Indoor air quality matters!

Fresh air circulating in your home makes for a healthier living environment.  A properly installed smart ventilation system not only circulates fresh air but also helps maintain the optimal level of moisture. 

Excess moisture in the air settles in spots around your house and makes a nuisance of itself as mould. Mouldy environments can lead to a variety of negative health effects.

A recent study by Massey University showed that home ventilation systems reduced fungal spores, moisture and carbon dioxide, making a home drier and healthier. Occupants of Homes with smart ventilation systems experience fewer headaches, sneezing and eye irritations as a result. 

Drier homes are also considerably more efficient to heat and cool making the climate control of your home considerably more environmentally efficient. This can also mean that they can be viewed as an investment due to the long term energy savings. 

Why choose SmartVent systems.

SmartVent systems are New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of Smart Ventilation Systems.

Only SmartVent offers temperature and humidity sensor technology to help reduce condensation. Their systems use acoustic insulated ducting for quieter operation. All SmartVent systems are extremely user-friendly once properly installed.

How to choose the right home ventilation system. 

Depending on the age and build of your home there are two distinct categories of systems.

  • SmartVent Positive systems (lite, positive, evolve, fresh) are suitable for most homes and particularly well suited to older homes where timber joinery and older aluminium joinery allow air to be forced out more easily and create better air circulation.
  • SmartVent synergy and balance systems are particularly suited to modern homes that are better insulated with modern joinery which results in homes being more airtight. Synergy systems in these situations are a complete solution (with active extraction) to achieving an optimum healthy home environment.

Both of these categories contain a range of different options and sizes. All systems include a high-quality F7 hospital-grade filter that captures 80-90% of fine pollens, dust and allergens from the air, making it cleaner and safe to breathe.

Why Choose Northern Lights for home ventilation installation.

Northern Lights can help you select the best system for your house. Optimal selection is dependent on a range of factors such as the design of your house, its floor area, the type of roof and the local climate. Our team of professionals can inspect your home and suggest the most appropriate systems for your home. We will also provide a free no-obligation quote for the installation. 

Get In touch, via the contact form or by phone and we’ll have one of our accredited installers arrange a free home assessment. 

Get In Touch!

We can offer free, no-obligation home ventilation assessments. If you need any help with home ventilation, contact our professional, knowledgeable team of residential and commercial electricians.


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