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You Want The Perfect Home Theater Setup Right?

Setting up a home theatre is a dream come true for many of us. It is often seen as the true end-point of home remodeling that requires a deeper stretch to your bank account, and it is usually performed once you are done with the more basic needs such as fixing windows and installing floors. A home theatre room is more than just a sofa with a wide screen – there are complex requirements that need to be met, such as light, sound, and ventilation.

Considering the amount of effort and money spent on this room, why not go the distance and create a movie theatre experience at the comfort of your home? Here are some tips to set up the perfect home theatre of your dreams.

Control the Sound Inside and Outside

Sound, both from outside and inside, is possibly one of the most important components of your home theatre. Ambient sound is the unwanted sound coming from outside of your home theatre, and it must be eliminated as much as possible. Sounds that may crash in and ruin your home theater’s audio experience include dishwasher, kitchen noises, kids playing in other rooms, or vehicles from outside the house. To control outside noise, you can try to soundproof your room by adding a second layer of drywall, replace your hollow-core doors with solid ones, and put thicker curtains that have sound-absorbing and light-blocking features.

As for the sound coming from within, try to limit the audio bounces by placing wall-to-wall carpeting, or installing soft materials or draperies on the walls. Your furniture matters, too – so opt for soft, cushiony seating, which absorbs sound better than hard materials like hardwood. And if your room is quite small, consider getting a soundbar rather than a full-surround audio setup to maximise the space.

Properly Plan the Lighting System

While home theater lighting is often overlooked during the planning and setting up process, it is undoubtedly one of the essential components of a home theater. In fact, there are different types of lighting that you can choose from to create the perfect theater atmosphere. One of the popular options is using Cove Lighting, which allows you to add home theatre lighting without compromising the screen viewing comfort. This type of lighting is added behind molding on the top or bottom of walls, or at transitions in wall surfaces, hence it won’t create a glare or shine onto your theatre screen.

Another popular option is using step lights, under-chair lighting, or dimmable bulbs – all of which can be fine-tuned for the perfect level of light in any situation whether before, during, or after the movie. LED step lights are great for adding safety features so that your audience won’t trip on the steps during a movie, while LED strip lights added to the underside of chairs or other furniture can add a cool colour pop to your theater. The lights usually come with adhesive backings for easy installation and you can easily control the colors, intensity, and modes with a remote.

Check your Angles and Distance

Similar to a real movie theater, no one sitting in your home theater should have their screen view blocked, or to be too close or far away from the screen. The problem of viewings blockage can be solved by raising rear seats on a 6-inch platform to boost the height and clear the sight lines.

Similarly, you need to properly plan and measure the room, so that viewers can maintain a proper distance from the screen. The distance from the screen is determined by room size in conjunction with the size of the picture you want to display. The optimal viewing distance for watching HDTVs can be calculated using a simple math formula: Take the display’s diagonal screen size and multiply it by 1.5 – 2.5. The resulting number is how far your seating should be placed in relative to the front of the screen.

As we do know, installing a new home theatre system can be costly and requires detailed planning, including house wiring Auckland, so it is recommended that you engage with an experienced professional to do the job. Here at Northern Lights Electrical & Lighting, our team works with all types of Home Theatre Installation systems and budgets. We offer installation of your existing equipment, through to supplying and installing new quality components, such as Bowers & Wilkins and Marantz. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, then get in touch with our Auckland electrician office today. Call us on 0800 177 275 or enquire online for your free, no-obligation quote.

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