Wyoming Prenuptial Agreement

[17] The husband argues that he should get the Hawk Road at home, in accordance with the marital arrangement, because the parties acquired it with his property. He states that he titled the property in Wife`s name only because he was involved in disputes with his children from the first marriage and that he wanted to protect them from the bond. Woman, on the other hand, attests that the parties agreed that the property should be on their behalf as part of the husband`s estate planning, because he intended that they would eventually own it. Husband did not transfer the title of other real estate in her name in response to the trial, and wife testified that he did not ask her to surrender ownership of the property after the end of her litigation. In a similar case, we found that if the title was paid on behalf of both spouses, but only one spouse, there was a rebuttable presumption that a fifty per cent interest share was intended for the unpaid spouse. Tyler v. Tyler, 624 p.2d 784, 785-86 (Wyo. 1981). It follows that when a spouse pays for real estate and appoints it in the name of the other spouse, there is a presumption that the whole property is intended as a gift. [20] There is sufficient evidence to support the District Court`s finding that there was no partnership and the court did not abuse its discretion in the application of the marriage agreement or the division of ownership.

That is why we confirm the district court in every respect. The requirement for a “voluntary” execution of the agreement relates to the pressure exerted on the party when fewer assets enter the relationship. By nature, marital agreements are usually signed during emotional periods, and the party with fewer assets may be vulnerable to coercion or pressure to accept asset separation. Any finding of undue hardship imposed on the signatory at the time of signing invalidates the contract. An antenuptial agreement is a contract between two people in dercontemplation and Reflection on Marriage. Marriage offers the necessary reflection to engage both parties. The main purpose of these agreements is to define and define the respective property rights of the spouses before marriage. The challenges of these agreements usually arise with the death of one of the parties or in the event of dissolution of the marriage, as in this case.

Most jurisdictions now see positive antenuptial agreements, and validity is generally confirmed on this policy analysis: Antenuptial contracts between an adult man and an adult woman in The Examination of Marriage are favored by law, because they tend to promote domestic happins and adapt property issues that might otherwise become the relentlessness of many disputes. [18] Reviewing the testimony in the light most favourable to the woman, we cannot say that the district court does not give full effect on the marital agreement by concluding that the husband titled the status in the name of wife, because he intended to give it to her. Implicitly, in the Court`s findings, the conclusion is that the presumption of a gift was not overcome by the evidence of the husband directed on this subject.

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