Weyerhaeuser Road Use Agreement

Crinklaw is very interested in this issue. He is not only the director of Parks in Columbia County, he is also the owner of a lodge that takes care of cyclists, and he loves to drive himself on the streets. Oviatt implemented a new licensing plan that came into effect on July 1. As we said at the time, the plan has an impact on many gravel roads between Scappoose and Vernonia – roads that have been increasingly popular for cycling in recent years. A few weeks ago, a group of cyclists met a security guard while walking dirt roads outside Vernonia. The incident shows that Weyerhaeuser Columbia Timberlands is actively implementing the new licensing program they launched in July. It has also made an effort by Columbia County Parks to create new signage that specifies roads that the public can still use without authorization. Morgan`s group was shut down by Fred Oviatt, a security company that works for Weyerhaeuser. In an email about the incident, Morgan said Oviatt was very courteous and helped them find a fun way to get back to their starting point. Morgan, an experienced gravel driver who happens to be one of the region`s leading experts on gravel roads, was invited to meet with Oviatt to learn more about roads owned by Weyerhaeuser and those still open to the public. Thars are worms.

There are certainly things that the Holz-Co.s could do with their country, which are less ecological than that. They try to limit their exposure to vandalism, huge losses (fire, road and off-road abuse) and liability (recreational injuries). I don`t think these authorizations are a huge profit center for them. I think the best way to keep these countries open and accessible is to work with businesses to create a system that works for many people. They are not only hunters and bikers, but also hikers, ornithologists, green gatherers, mushrooms, photographers… If we can show them how to cover their costs (perhaps a small gain) while protecting the various disadvantages, the authorized use can work for everyone. A LOT of people in wood co.s, including decision makers, are outdoor people themselves and understand what this access means to people, and how their actions will influence public perception of their businesses. Original version of the O.C 503/2007 agreement, signed on February 5, 2008.

The Weyerhaeuser FMA is located in the forest management unit G16 and includes the alpine, subalpine, upper foothills, lower foothills, dry mixed forests and central sub-regions of the mixed forest.

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