10 Ways To Lower Your Energy Bill By 10-15%

There are many potential ways to reduce your energy costs. If you are concerned about the environment or your expenses, you likely will have come across some basic tips for energy saving.

Washing at a lower temperature

Just setting your washing machine to a lower temperature can significantly reduce the electricity used by each wash. Over a year this can accumulate considerable savings. According to the Energy Saving Trust, washing clothes at 30 degrees uses around 40% less electricity over the course of a year compared to higher temperatures.

Stop wasting power on standby mode

Up to 10% of the electricity used by most gadgets is used up by the device is in its standby mode. If your household has a large number of high demand electrical devices, this could amount to a large amount of unnecessary usage. Ditch the drain, turn your devices off rather than simply leaving them on standby. How much effort does it take to press two buttons rather than one?

Make sure that your fridge is running efficiently

Your fridge is one of the highest energy consuming appliances you are likely to own. Of course, fridges don’t have a standby mode because they continually need to be running to keep your food cold. The fact that refrigerators run continuously means that efficiency is especially important. Assure that the door closes completely with an airtight seal around the entire door. The ideal temperature for a fridge is 4-5 degrees, and freezers should be minus 15 to minus 18 degrees.

Think About Your Thermostat

In the winter you want to avoid the cold weather outside and come to a cosy warm environment. During the winter months, the average heating bill usually accounts for roughly one-third of your total energy bill. Every degree Celsius that you increase your thermostat above 20 can add approximately 10% to your heating bill (Vic energy Saver).

Have shorter showers

Hot water is the single biggest energy expender for most homes, so changes in your hot water consumption can have a dramatic impact on your total energy bill.
All of the energy saving tips and tricks mentioned above require forming habits and vigilant decision-making. These practices are certainly worth employing, but sometimes an electricians input is required to save additionally on your energy bill over the long term.

Other energy saving interventions that require experienced professional electricians.

Get electrical faults fixed

It’s possible if you experience a sudden surge in your energy bill that it could be due to electrical faults or faulty wiring. However, this is far from the most likely explanation. Most common reasons for an increase in the electric bill are you’ve recently added additional appliances. Or simply seasonal changes in temperature have changed the ways that you’re using your electricity. Check your electricity bill to see if your supplier has raised your premium. If you’ve gone over all of these likely explanations and none of them fit your circumstances, then diagnosing the problem will probably require an expert to check your wiring, fixtures and outlets. It’s possible that faults with any of these of these utilities could cause your electricity bills to soar. Northern Lights can investigate quickly, thoroughly and perform any electrical maintanence at a highly competitive rate.

Get LED Lights Installed.

LED lights are vastly more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. If your home doesn’t already have LED lights installed, then you’re missing out on considerable electricity savings. LED lights are not only vastly more efficient but they last considerably longer, so need to be changed far less frequently. Modern LED bulbs use from anywhere between 25 to 85% less energy to light your entire home than regular bulbs, so making the switch is a no-brainer.

If you suspect you have a fault with your electrics that is causing your electricity bills to Soar. Or if you are looking to get new LED lights installed or even upgrade your existing LED lighting, then get in contact with Northern Lights Lighting & Electrical Today. With over 20 years of experience, at Northern Lights Lighting & Electrical, we have all the expertise and knowledge to provide superior quality and competitively priced electrical solutions for your home or Business. Call us on 0800 177 275 or enquire online today for your free, zero obligation quote.

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