Don’t Try DIY Electrical Repairs: 4 Reasons Why

Sometimes it can be tempting to complete those small electrical repairs yourself to save a few extra dollars. We have one message for you… don’t do it. Electricians are a licensed trade for a reason and there are a lot of risks and dangers that the professionals know to be aware off and avoid which you may not know. Discover these reasons below. 

Electrical Shock

Most people may know that when dealing with electricity, there is always the risk of electrocuting yourself. Electrical shocks can be deadly, no matter what voltage level you are working with. The average voltage for power outlets and general lighting in most homes sits around 110 volts. Although this level may not be enough to kill you, it definitely is enough to give you a powerful shock (which can have negative effects to the rhythm of your heart and your health). However, there are appliances that are present within your home (generally those that have a motor) that use 240 volts of power, which can in fact result in a deadly outcome. 

Licensing / Insurance Issues

Electricians are a licensed trade, but what exactly does this mean? Essentially, in order to become an electrician, once you have completed your school / tafe education, you have to sit an assessment to prove that you know how to conduct the work that is required of you. Therefore, electrician jobs should never be a DIY project, they should be completed by a licensed electrician. Not only that, but did you know that electrical jobs need to be inspected and signed off before use? If you avoid this critical step, it can cause serious danger as well as void your insurance if something were to go wrong. 

Fire Hazards

There are many reasons that can be the cause behind an electrical fire. The most common causes include faulty wires, misuse of extension leads, portable heaters, outdated wiring and installing light bulbs with a wattage that is too high for the fixture. How many of us are guilty of changing over light bulbs (especially those downlights in the roof) or have our appliances plugged into the extension lead rather than directly into the power socket? Seems so innocent but simple DIY’s such as these run the risk of causing a much larger issue. The worst part with fire hazards is that you won’t know that there is an issue until there is an actual fire. You may have changed over those light bulbs two months ago or may have a faulty wire but the electrical fire won’t start for months down the track, so it can be hard to put the situation out immediately (you may not even be home when it happens). On average between 2012 and 2018, 1500 house fires in NZ were due to an electrical fault, with electrical faults being the second reason behind house fires. Avoid the risks altogether and hire a licensed Auckland electrician

Installing GFI 

GFI stands for ground fault interrupter, which is a type of outlet / switch that kicks in when it suspects an electrical fault, preventing people from getting shocked. GFI outlets are typically used in rooms that have a lot of moisture present, such as outdoor rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or the laundry. When it comes to those who are known to DIY their electrical work, they tend to not know about GFI outlets so they don’t install them throughout their homes. This is a dangerous move, especially if there are children present in the household. Avoid the risks and hire a residential electrician in Auckland to go through and inspect your powerpoints and ensure that GFI outlets are used where possible. 

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