Need Easy Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom?

Perfect lighting is essential to make the most out of every corner of your home, and the bedroom is no exception. Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is the most intimate and personal one where you start and end your day. Bedrooms are often more than just a place to sleep – they are also places to read, work, and spend family time. All of these activities make it even more essential to ensure that your bedroom creates a comfortable space, tailored to meet your needs.

There are plenty of things you can do with your bedroom lighting to make the room even more comfy and dreamy. Here are some suggestions that can help you to turn your bedroom into a cosy cocoon. 

1Hang Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are the easiest way to create stylish designer vibes to your bedroom. It creates a lovely pool of low lights and works wonders to save spaces on your bedside table. Keep in mind that the central pendant lights in a bedroom are more decorative than functional, and it needs to be wired professionally by an experienced Auckland electrician. As such, you should decide the lighting in advance when planning the overall bedroom design.

Lighting Tips: Group pendant lights in odd numbers and a range of different sizes for the best effect. When adding pendant lights, choose your lampshade mindfully – opaque ones will look beautiful as it directs the light downwards, however it won’t be practical if you often read in bed. For bedrooms with high ceilings, a larger pendant shade or hanging chandelier will create a pretty focal point, especially in traditional bedrooms. However, those with lower bedroom ceilings might benefit more from smaller ceiling lights. 

2. Use Fairy Lights to Change the Atmosphere

Sparkly, twinkly, romantic, and whimsical – fairy lights are magical, no matter where you hang them. With the simple addition of fairy lights, you can completely change the atmosphere and vibes in your bedroom. You could put them inside mason jars as decorative lights, wrap them around the headboard of your bed, or even create a customized wall art, depending on how it suits the overall aesthetics. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be displayed in all sorts of shapes.

Lighting Tips: String fairy lights are gorgeous to decorate a standing mirror, art frame, or hanging photographs. Meanwhile, fairy lights with bigger bulbs are best to string from a high ceiling. Wrap them around your drapes to introduce that beautiful, dreamy feel to your bedroom. If you desire a relaxed feel and natural glow, choose warm white LEDs for your fairy lights. Meanwhile, if you aim to create a bright and playful ambience, such as for a children’s playroom, you can opt for white or even coloured LEDs. For assistance on LED Lighting Installation Auckland, contact Northern Lights.

3. Install Downlights for Dark Corners

Downlights are intended to be secondary lighting sources, meaning they are added to provide the ambience and accentuate the decors, which all together should create a cosy feel. Installing downlights allow you to tone down the brightness of your room, while still allowing you to move around the room at night without accidentally kicking the wardrobe. Dimmable LED downlights are also useful to get us into regular sleep routines, as it helps us to transition into a relaxed sleep-mode. They are the best solution for areas of the bedroom that are almost always dark, such as your walk-in wardrobes or storage areas, which can appear lifeless without proper lighting. 

Lighting Tips: Never put a downlight over the top of the bed or too close to a wall, as it will create shadows which make the room appear gloomy and smaller than its actual size. Position them at dark corners around the edge of the room, such as over your wardrobe or dressers, or around areas that you want to be the focal point of your bedroom. As a good starting point, try to space your downlights evenly across the room for a balanced look. Feel free to customize it for what works best in your personal space. 

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