Looking At Electrical Pimp Ups For Your Kitchen?

They say that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It makes sense though considering it is where the food is kept and produced. For most, it is often the place where you settle with guests or gather as a family. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most homeowners are looking to modernise their kitchens with the following features.

Side Bench Power Plugs (invisible outlets)

Not only is this upgrade extremely practical, it is also a great option for design purposes. Add a few power outlets on the sides of your benches or if you have a large enough pantry (such as a butlers pantry), add a few in there too. Invisible outlets are perfect as it allows the cords to be kept away neatly and doesn’t ruin the design or cleanliness of your space. Side bench outlets (or even an island bench) are perfect for cooking as the cords are not scattered across the bench.

Data ports

Considering that kitchens are now considered as the main hub of the home, it only makes sense that we all tend to charge our phones and base our daily tasks around the kitchen (of course it makes sense, the kitchen is where the food is kept after all). Upgrade your kitchen area with the addition of a USB data port. You will find that it is a lot more useful and convenient than you may originally think.

Light Dimmers

Lighting sets the mood and tone of the room. Whilst it is highly crucial to have a perfectly lit kitchen space, the option to change the lighting is a rewarding one. Maybe you are wanting to set a romantic mood? Dim the lights. Do you have a shared living room and kitchen area and want to watch a move but without the option of a bright light or complete darkness? Dim the lights. Installing light dimmers into your kitchen space is one that many homeowners are implementing.

GFCI Outlets

More of a safety upgrade, GFCI outlets are designed to minimise the risk of electrical fires and malfunctions. If it suspects an electrical fault, it will cut the electrical flow immediately, assisting in the prevention of electrical shocks or fires from occurring.

Pantry lights / Baseboard lights

Accent lighting helps to draw attention to a particular feature or item. If you have a unique element in your kitchen, use accent lighting to up the level of wow.

Induction Stoves

Make the switch over to an Induction Stove. Induction stoves are more efficient when heating, providing a more accurate heat. Therefore, because of this, they are also more cost efficient to run as you are using them for a shorter period of time since they heat up a lot faster.

Elegant Switches

If you are going to the trouble of upgrading your kitchen, you may as well do it right. Add a sense of luxury by changing over your electrical switches from the stock standard white or black switches that are commonly used. Whether you are running with a stainless steel, matte black or even rose gold theme, you can now get switches that blend in with that vibe.

If you have any queries or want assistance with implementing these features within your own kitchen, ask your Domestic Electrician Auckland and they will help you out in the best way possible. At Northern Lights, we can help you with electrical maintenance and LED light installation. If you’re looking for electrician Takapunaelectrician Rosedale or even electrician Devonport, the experts at Northern Lights extend their services to the North Shore. We offer residentialcommercial and industrial electrical services and we provide electrical services 24 hours, 7 days a week. Contact us today and one of our friendly team members will help you out!

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