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The Switch to LED Lighting – The Health and Environmental Benefits
The financial benefits of using LED lighting over traditional bulbs are now relatively well known. It is commonplace knowledge that LEDs are efficient and have a long lifespan. LED bulbs convert 80-90 % of the energy they use directly into light, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs where up to 90% of energy is lost by being converted into heat energy.

Although the initial cost of installation can be more than with other bulbs, the superior efficiency and lifespan of LED bulbs will save you money in the long run by bringing down power-related overheads, which can lead to a dramatic decrease in your energy bills.

Less well-known facts about LEDs, however, are the potential health benefits to those who use LED bulbs over incandescent or CFL bulbs. Ongoing research within this field is beginning to show a number of health benefits to LED bulbs, mainly to do with modern bulbs ability to mimic natural daylight. We will go through and discuss a few of these potential benefits below.

They can help to balance circadian rhythms
Studies have shown that exposures to certain wavelengths of blue light can depress the bodies production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is naturally produced by your body to help you relax and fall asleep. Daylight naturally comprises of these blue light wavelengths, meaning you feel alert and ready to go in the daytime. LEDs can mimic daylight far more than traditional filament bulbs in this regard, producing a less yellow light with more blue wavelengths. When used in the daytime exposure to LEDs can help to enhance alertness within an individual.

Some LEDs can be altered to produce varying wavelengths in light, emitting bluer wavelengths in the daytime, and more yellow wavelengths in the evening that actually aid in the production of melatonin and therefore help to balance the bodies natural circadian rhythms.

For more information on how lighting can effect circadian rhythms click here.

Reduced flickering can reduce exposure to headaches
LED bulbs have been engineered in a way which reduces the potential flickering of a bulb to a minimum. For many headache sufferers, flickering bulbs either at home, in the workplace or in a retail environment can be a real nuisance, bringing on headaches and affecting their day to day wellbeing. As the existence of flickering in LEDs is small to non-existent, it can create a much more pleasant visual environment for workers or customers.

LEDs can increase productivity in the workplace
Due to the benefits mentioned above, LEDs can actually improve the productivity within the workplace. Less flickering, and a better mimicking of natural light can help to reduce health issues such as headaches, help to increase alertness and therefore help towards reducing stress and anxiety.

Less energy converted into heat means a cooler bulb
As LED bulbs are far more efficient than other bulbs, they give off far less heat, as not so much of the energy that goes into the bulb is transferred into wasted heat energy. As well as helping to reduce the amount of energy used on lighting your home or business (therefore reducing your bills), this means that LEDs are less likely to burn your skin if you accidentally come into contact with one. This makes them especially good for use in environments where children may be exposed to bulbs.

Efficiency and longevity of the bulb results in better environmental quality for everyone
Improved efficiency of LED bulbs means less energy goes into to lighting your home and business, meaning less energy has to be produced, meaning fewer carbon emissions are emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. This helps to reduce the impact of global warming on our environments and leads to improved air quality, especially within our cities, which can directly impact on our health.

The longevity of LED bulbs also means that they have to be replaced less often, meaning that less materials are used in the production of the bulbs, and ultimately less waste goes into landfill. This helps to create a healthier planet for all of us.

Your Switch to LEDs
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Author Credit – Kat Haycock, Digital Squad

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