There is a beautiful synergy in the world. We all want things cheaper, that’s our nature. We also strive to help the environment and it’s a wonderful thing to know that when we do things that benefit the environment, our pockets also bulge as a result.

A great example of this is the use of old fluorescent lighting and metal halide light fittings. These are both horribly inefficient and waste large amounts of energy. Wasted energy equates to wasted dollars. By using newer technologies and promoting efficient and sustainable solutions you not only benefit the environment in terms of reduced wastage but also in your pockets.

Have you considered control of your lighting? Do they actually all need to be on at the same time? A central switch allowing control of such things can bring instant savings.

So we hope you see the value and beauty of ‘keeping it green’ and the bottom line benefits these actions will have.

What Northern Lights can do:

  • we are a Phillips Green Switch certified contractor;
  • we use fluorescent, LED and other eco-friendly bulbs;
  • we recycle all lighting tubes;
  • we dispose of used materials safely and responsibly; and
  • we stay on top of developments in energy solutions.

‘Switch on’ to sustainable solutions today.

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