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How To Choose Amazing Underfloor Heating

Luxury for some, necessity for others, there is no denying in the fact that underfloor heating is an absolute delight to have featured within your home, especially during those harsher and cooler climates. Generally used within bathrooms, most underfloor heating systems can be installed throughout the entire house. Whether you are starting from scratch or are wanting to implement this feature into your well established home, there are a range of options that will cater for all needs. We have delved into the topic of underfloor heating to determine whether it is worth the cost and to offer you the best solutions within the market. 

Types of Underfloor Heating

There are several different types of underfloor heating available within the market, all with their own unique features.

  • Electric underfloor heating 
  • Hydronic underfloor heating 
  • In-screed systems
  • Under tile systems
  • In slab systems 

Electric Underfloor Heating 

The most common type of underfloor heating, it involves a low-voltage electric cable that is coiled beneath the surface of the floor or can be installed within a mat or mesh like material that is inserted beneath the floor’s surface. This type of underfloor heating is easy to add into existing homes if you have floorboards, as it can be inserted straight underneath. Downsides to this type of heating is that it can be quite costly to run and the floor needs to be well insulated otherwise majority of the heat that you will be paying for will be lost and therefore will be a waste of money. Another downside is that this option does take a while to heat up. 

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

This method involves having heated pipes embedded in the concrete slab which allows heated water to flow through and heat up the floors surface. The hot water will constantly circulate through the pipes when operating which will maintain the desired temperature. This type of heating is best used in large spaces and is one of the cheaper alternatives to run when it comes to underfloor heating as it can be powered through energy-efficient ways such as natural gas, solar and heat pumps. However, in saying that, it is one of the more expensive types to install. 

In-screed Systems

Considered as the safest and most cost-effective option, in-screed systems use heating coils that are placed on top of the waterproofing membrane and beneath a layer of screed. The screed is poured over the coils once they are in place which allows them to stay secure. Screed is a cement and sand mixture that sets hard and is used to level out the floor. An issue that can occur with this option is that the coils have the potential to break during the drying process. However, you can purchase in-screed systems that have a built-in alarm feature that is set off if the coil breaks which allows you to quickly change it before the flooring is laid. 

Under Tile Heating Systems

This system is one of the more riskier options. Although it heats up the floor surface faster than most of the other systems, it is important to consider the negative aspects because in this case, they generally outweigh the positives. Under tile heating is more fragile and can be damaged quite easily. If there is suspected damage to the system, the only way to fix it is by replacing the entire cable which results in quite a hefty bill as it will not only ruin your flooring, but you will also need to pay for the new replacement cable. 

In Slab Systems 

This option is perfect for those whom are starting from scratch. Why? Because the coils are submerged straight into the concrete slab. If you are building, consider this option as it can be quite cost-effective to install and run. 

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