Why Should Your Business Install LED Lighting?

LED Efficiency

Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with vastly more efficient LED bulbs could dramatically reduce your company’s electricity consumption. Standard issue light bulbs are incredibly inefficient when compared to LED’s because a much higher percentage of the electricity is converted into unnecessary heat. Whereas LED lights produce almost no heat meaning all of your electricity expenditure is used for its intended purpose.


Of course, this reduction of wasted energy consumption could make a substantial impact on your companies electricity overhead. Saving your company notable amount of money especially when viewed over a longer timescale. You should consider LED installation as a necessary investment if you’re responsible for a commercial location.


LED’s have a considerably longer lifespan than both traditional incandescent light bulbs and CFL’s. The average projected lifespan of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours compared with just 10,000 for Compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) and a measly 1,200 for incandescent bulbs (source).

Environmental Benefits

Both the Significant reduction in electricity consumption and the lifespan of LED bulbs make them vastly superior for environmental sustainability. The reduction of wattage contributes to a lower carbon footprint and having to be replaced far less frequently means less waste goes to landfill. However, it’s not only the volume of waste that’s a concern, some light fixtures such as CFL’s contain 4-5 milligrams of mercury which isn’t solely an environmental concern but one of public health. LED’s are entirely free of any hazardous chemicals (Source).

On top of this LED’s more accurately transmit light in an intended direction. Meaning they also limit what’s called “light pollution” especially when LED’s are used across an entire urban environment.


LED light fixtures range of flexible design choices as well as there ability to emit light more directionally, allow you to curate a set up that best suits the aesthetics of your business.

If your company is the trendy modern office environment complete with indoor plants, then LED’s are also beneficial as they’ve been shown to promote more healthy plant growth than traditional globes (Source).

You’ve likely noticed flies or other insect’s circling light bulbs; this is because insects are attracted to the type of light and the heat emitted by incandescent bulbs. This mild irritant is eliminated entirely by LEDs.


Modern workers are spending a considerable amount of their waking lives in a commercial or office environment. Surprisingly the type of lighting in any workspace can have tangible effects on your worker’s productivity and Health.

Insufficient or dim lighting can be highly detrimental to productivity for several reasons. It forces your eyes to work harder than necessary causing your employees strain and potential headaches. Lighting that’s too dim can also cause drowsiness, sleepiness and impact motivation. On top of this LED lights are less likely to flicker, which has been shown to cause migraines in some individuals.

Having the right colour and intensity of lighting could make your commercial space more productive and ultimately more successful. A recent scientific paper on the impact of LED lights on productivity concluded:

“High correlated colour temperature fluorescent lights could provide a useful intervention to improve well-being and productivity in the corporate setting” – J. Mills- Journal of Circadian Rhythms. This demonstrates the benefits of fitting the right intensity of LED lighting. LED lights, which can more accurately, mimic the colour of natural sunlight are the most impactful on workers health.

Choose Northern Lights Lighting and Electrical for your Commercial LED fitting

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