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Did you know that, according to research, 60% of convicted burglars pick a different target if they discover that a home security system is installed in the first one? The study also showed that the rate of burglary declined in certain neighbourhoods where some houses are equipped with security systems. As such, by installing a […]

Electrical cars provide significant benefits to both the user and environment; however, when looked at closely, they can also be associated with a range of disadvantages. Electrical cars have evolved for many years now, and with the recent rise of technological development, they have been experiencing significant growth. Electrical cars simply function with an electrical […]

Most homes these days have a large variety of electrical appliances in use requiring a great amount of energy to run throughout the home, especially with the rise in electrical devices and modern day appliances. On average, you are likely to find 2-3 electrical power points per room in a modern-day home depending on the […]

With such substantial advancements in technology, it comes as no surprise that our power bills may have escalated since previous times. However, it does make us ask the question, how much power is actually needed to run an average home in 2019? Such advances comes with changes within people’s lifestyles. What classifies to fall under […]

Many homeowners are nervous when leaving their property unattended for a long period of time, with break-ins, freak weather events and more being top of mind. One of the biggest risks to your property while away is electrical safety. With electricity being the powerful force it is, you want to make sure your home is […]

It is no news that electricity is extremely dangerous and that contact with electrical equipment or wires can result in serious injuries or death. House wiring is a dangerous task and you need to be extremely careful when performing electrical work of this kind. Electrical Wiring The wiring in most homes is parallel, meaning that […]