An Electrician’s Perspective: 4 Home Upgrades

We all crave a cozy, comfortable, and well-designed home. However, our house seems to age faster than we do. Sooner or later, that newly built home starts to feel too cramped for your growing family. Simple home improvement projects are great ways to upgrade and revamp your home without putting in too much effort and expense. With the right planning and execution, you can transform your home to better suit your needs.

From landscaping your own little garden to building a home theatre, here are 5 simple projects to bring new life into your home. 

1) Garden or Backyard Landscaping

Re-designing your garden is an exciting project. When it comes to garden landscaping, most people imagine sunny days where they can relax on the grass while enjoying a book, or entertain their guests as the children are running around the garden.

From rustic & vintage to sleek contemporary design, there’s no shortage of landscaping styles. The key to great landscaping is good preliminary planning and research. Plan out your garden, visit garden centers for inspiration, measure the size of your free backyard space, and make mood boards of your dream garden landscape. Achieving balance is a strong aspect of a good design; pay attention to all different areas and remember that plants and shrubs will change size and shape throughout the seasons. If you need to install or move major services, such as gas and electricity, then you better hire an experienced Auckland electrician to undertake the job. They will be able to foresee any obstacles or issues that you may not have noticed and ensure all work complies with regulations.

2) Outdoor Lighting for BBQ

As summer approaches, people start planning backyard BBQ or an alfresco dinner with family. This might get you to start thinking of upgrading your outdoor ambiance. Not only does it improve the overall aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor areas, but it also enhances safety by providing additional illumination to eliminate tripping hazards around entry points and pathways at night. 

However, the challenge with outdoor lighting is that it needs to be durable enough to withstand any weather. That means, hanging cords and fairy lights are out of the question. Moreover, you need to make sure that all outdoor lighting and appliances are not posing any tripping hazards, especially if you have children. A reliable electrician Auckland can take care of the job for you, ensuring that all outdoor wiring is properly installed. We can help you to choose fixtures that are water-resistant and install electrical outlets at safe spots.

3) Brighten Up Your Home with Indoor Lighting

The lighting is central to our daily lives. The importance of lighting in your home goes beyond the aesthetic and functional values that they provide – it can set the mood and energy in the house, thus affecting our day-to-day lives. For instance, a poorly lit room looks dark, seclusive, gloomy, and cramped, thus family members and friends avoid the areas. On the other hand, a sufficiently lit room appears open, airy, cheerful, and welcoming, making it convenient and inviting while creating a relaxed atmosphere.

If you’ll be installing new lights in your home, chances are you will need a new light switch and wiring throughout the room. Something seemingly simple to install, like replacing outdated ceiling fixtures with stunning modern masterpieces, will need an expert hand to guide your light installation process. For the best result, you should seek assistance from a master electrician.

4) Install New Electrical Outlets 

The longer we spend our lives in our home, the more electrical appliances that we own. Eventually, we start to run extension cords throughout the house, cluttering our kitchen, living room, and other areas with old extension cables, loose wires, and outdated sockets. Extension cords often become the long-term solution for many households, particularly for their low price and convenience. However, they pose a major safety risk, which is why they are intended for temporary use, and not permanent.

While it’s generally safe to run the power cord from your laptop to the outlet behind the couch, it’s dangerous when you start to hide them under the rugs, through doorways or windows and stack them on top of each other. Rugs and carpets may trap the heat coming from the cords, and the wires inside can break down if people are trampling on them. Moreover, rugs can get wet over time, especially when you have children in the house who spill drinks easily. This could lead to cord overheating, electric shock, and even start a house fire in extreme cases. 

Do you have many extension cords around your home? Is your kitchen bench being cluttered by cords? Refresh the look of your home by installing new electrical outlets. Auckland electrical services can help you to decide which outlets and extension cords will serve best for your intended purposes.

Final Words

Renovating your home is an exciting journey, but it’s often one that you can’t do alone. Many of these projects will require some degree of electrical work, which can be dangerous if performed by an inexperienced individual. It’s always best to leave the electrical part of your project in the hands of the experienced electricians in Auckland. All of these small improvements go a long way to renewing your home, your spirit, and your sense of well-being.

If you need professional Residential LED Lighting Installation help while remodelling or redesigning your house, contact our professional, knowledgeable team of residential electricians Auckland at Northern Lights. Our team of fully trained & licensed Electrical Contractors Auckland has over 20 years of experience in the industry, providing comprehensive solutions for you.

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