3 Important Electrical Services You Need Electricians For

An electrician is an individual who has undergone intensive job training and gained knowledge on electrical wiring. Electricians test, install, maintain and repair electrical systems and equipment. However, having only the skills and knowledge is not enough. In New Zealand, registration under the Electrical Workers Registration Board is also required for those working independently. Afterward, participation in a competency refresher program is mandatory for every two years to update their knowledge and skills in accordance with current industry standards. 

Staggering Facts on Electrical Fires 

In New Zealand, over 20% of house fires are caused by appliances, damaged power outlets, overloaded power points, and general cabling wear and tear. A common, but dangerous preconception is that two or more power boards can be connected from one socket. This is far from true, as each socket has a current limit that can be violated by the use of power boards. 

According to Statistics New Zealand, the fatality rate increases substantially when electrical fires start while the homeowner is fast asleep, as fires are generally well advanced before they can wake the occupants. Most of these incidents occur within the hours of 12 am and 6 am. 

Electrical fires can be easily avoided by making sure you book a registered electrician for these 3 electrical services:

1) Home Appliances Installation 

You may think installing home appliances is an easy task, however, you may be exposing yourself to danger. This is due to the unique specifications of every piece of electrical equipment. Northern Lights’ Auckland electrical contractors and domestic electricians are well-versed with the knowledge of the equipment’s electrical components, power requirements, and its best placement within the house. For example, during a refrigerator installation, electricians can configure its settings to optimise functionality and save more energy. They can also teach you how to use your installed appliances in a safe manner. Any questions or concerns that arise regarding problems or maintenance issues can be easily addressed by professional electrical contractors and domestic electricians

2) Wiring Check and Update 

Inferior electrical connections that include old, outdated or deteriorated wiring are common causes of house fires. This is especially true for homes over 20 years of age. With older houses, wiring connections and structures may not have been inspected for some time, which leads to undetected deterioration that does not comply with current standards and regulations. 

Electrical wirings that are inferior, defective, or outdated can overload and break the entire electrical system. The warning signs of this occurring are: 

  • Loose outlets 
  • Hot or scorch marked outlets
  • Burning smells or smoke 
  • Using extension cords or power boards to compensate for a lack of outlets 
  • Dimming or flickering lights 
  • Electrical shocks when you plugin or touch a cord 

Northern Lights’ Auckland domestic electricians can assist in conducting inspections using the testing equipment to identify key wiring issues. They are qualified to recommend the installation of new wiring, safety switches, and a new switchboard. 

3) Socket Replacement 

Plug sockets are necessities to our properties, whether to watch TV, charge our phones or switch on the air conditioning, we rely on them on a daily basis. Therefore, it can be frustrating when outlets stopped working the way they should. Here are some telltale signs that your socket needs replacement: 

  • Appliances falling out of the socket
  • Buzzing, cracking, or popping sign coming from the socket
  • The outlet feels hot to the touch 
  • Cracks to the power outlet plate 
  • No energy flowing through the socket 
  • Burning smells or smoke 

Northern Lights’ registered Auckland domestic electricians can assess the dangers related to your current sockets before going ahead with the replacement

Final Words 

When it comes to installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems and equipment, it is best to leave it to registered electrical contractors Auckland. Not only are they skillful and knowledgeable, but they also ensure that your electrical systems are in compliance with current regulations and industry standards. Electrical fire prevention is always better than firefighting. 

If you have not had your electricity checked recently, it may be time to contact Northern Lights! Our electrician Auckland will be able to help prevent electrical failures that might lead to power blackout or worse, house fires. We also offer house wiring Auckland and other Auckland electrical services to assist with any residential electrical needs. Call us on 0800 177 275 or inquire online for a quote on our service.

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